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Lisbon is the capital and one of the largest cities of Portugal that has managed to win an award for being one of the world’s best cities. This award was presented by the Telegraph Travel. You should be aware that Lisbon is also considered as a global city due to multiple factors, which include entertainment, finance, international trade, tourism, education, media and also commerce. The Americans are one class of people who love to travel to Lisbon. You can choose Lisbon for either a long vacation or probably only the weekend.

Best Time To Visit Lisbon :

Looking for an ideal time to visit this place?You can plan to visit between the months of March to May or September to October. Besides suitable climate during these times,you have affordable hotel rates and can enjoy peace and quietudeas you will find less crowd. For an ideal trip,you should visit in the month of September as you can feel the pulse of the city during this time.

Reasons To Visit Lisbon:

Choosing Lisbon as your holiday destination can be a memorable affair due to many reasons. Book your tickets to Lisbon today :

  • Beaches and Beaches :

    Beaches and Beaches

    Lisbon is at the border of the Atlantic Ocean and thus you find multiple sandy beaches all along the coast. You find the people of Lisbon heading towards the beach in all seasons. The breeze here is refreshing and offers a feeling of freshness at all times. Built across hills,every street of Lisbon boasts of beautiful sites.

  • A Party Hub :

    Party Hub

    All those party lovers choose Lisbon for a stress less weekend. The Barrio Alto night life is truly fun. You have more than 250 pubs and bars including Lust which is an infamous hot spot.

  • Cultural and Historical places :

    Cultural Historical

    Those who are ardent lovers of history can opt for Lisbon as it boasts of local culture, which is unbeatable. Sao Roque Church is worth a visit. You can even think of visiting the old town where you can see cobbled streets and unique sceneryalong with the Gothic monastery, which has been built with riches from the maritime. The JeronimosMonastry is considered a world heritage site for the Unesco, which includes a Gothic chapel with Portugal figures of history embedded.

  • Ideal for Food Lovers :

    lisbon food

    The cuisine of Lisbon is worth a try. Those who love their meals, especially sausages, cannot afford to leave Lisbon out of their itinerary. The market place is full of food stalls that offer multiple local and international dishes to tickle your taste buds. When in Lisbon, make sure you don’t miss out the very famous custard tarts.

Flying To Lisbon From Top US Cities :

With Lisbon gaining importance for tourists, you mustplan and make your booking in advance. For apt airline ticket deals, it is advisable to make an effort and search online for flights from the top US cities. There are multiple travel portals which can help you get the best deal. “Lisbon flights” is the keyword that you need to enter when conducting your search. There are some airlines that offer direct flight tickets like The United and the US Airways. The US Airways has a direct flight from Philadelphia to Lisbon and the United flies from Newark to Lisbon. For cheap air tickets you need to ensure that you compare the air tickets Lisbon on the different online sites that offer deals on tickets. Planning a vacation ahead of time can probably get you discounted tickets and help you save on the money.

Check Lisbon Air Tickets From Your City :

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