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Chiang Mai

Chian Mai is the capital of the Northern part of Thailand and is usually very calm when compared to the buzz of the Southern Thailand. There are a number of planes and trains full of travelers coming into this city. Tourists visit the place to relax and refresh themselves after a bustling visit to Bangkok. Tourists wander in his place aimlessly and enjoying the best dishes that are available here. People who are generally active can find a lot of activities to indulge in. Overall, this place highlights the cultural fabric of Thai and people enjoy the attitude and atmosphere of this place. People from the United States visit Chian Mai because of the peaceful atmosphere. The number of people from the United States visiting this place has increased on a yearly basis.

Best Time To Visit Chiang Mai :

Chian Mai should be visited somewhere between October to April. The weather during this period is excellent and people can feel a light breeze on their faces. Also, October to April is the peak season for the tourism industry in this city. The other time during which tourists frequently visit this city is during the time of festivals. The months June to October are usually not preferred by travellers to visit Chian Mai because it rains heavily here and it is not very convenient to indulge in activities wearing raincoats and carrying umbrellas. However, if people do not mind the rain, they can still go ahead and visit this place.

Reasons To Visit Chiang Mai:

There are plenty of reasons that attract millions of tourists to Johannesburg every year. Some of them are as follows:

  • An Excellent Destination For Weddings :


    Chiang Mai is one of the top wedding destinations in the entire world. Since the ambience of this place is exotic and is filled with a lot of sceneries, it is probably the most perfect spot for romantic wedding in the world. One more reason why couples flock to Chian Mai is that the processing of the official paperwork is very easy and fast in this place.

  • Intriguing Festivals:


    Tourists should not miss out on attending some of the most colorful festivals that take place in Chian Mai. Some of these festivals are the Loi Krathong Festival, which is celebrated by lighting more than a thousand sky lanterns and sending them into the sky, the Songkran Festival, which is the festival that is water-themed and celebrates the Thai New Year, and the Chiang Mai festival of flowers, which is celebrated by carrying out a colourful parade in the city’s streets.

  • Encounters With Animals:

    Encounters With Animals

    One unique feature about Chiang Mai is the different species of animals that one can see in this place. However, the best feature about these encounters is that animals can get really personal and close with tourists. Some of the activities that provide the unique experience are riding an elephant, a safari, and sometimes even hugging a tiger (How cool is that!).

  • Easy To Reach:

    Easy To Reach

    Even though this place is located in the middle of mountains, one can reach this place rather easily. There is an airport in this location that serves as a site for landing and taking off of both international and domestic flights. There are hourly flights from Bangkok to Chiang Mai. Overall, there are a wide variety of options to reach this place.

  • Shopper’s Paradise:


    Chian Mai is the place for people who love shopping, especially if they are okay with purchasing some locally made items. The Night Bazaar is one of the best places for shopping because of the different items like food, textiles, souvenirs and unique things that are sold at this place.

Flying To Chiang Mai From Top US Cities :

On different portals, one can easily find the best airline ticket deals to Chiang Mai from the major US cities. All the individual must do is search for Chiang Mai flights and a wide number of options that offer cheap flight tickets are displayed. China Eastern, Cathay Pacific, Qatar Airways are some popular international airlines flying to Chiang Mai from major US cities. To get discounts, you need to book tickets at least 60 days before the start of the trip. Booking 60 days in advance helps an individual to easily get cheap air tickets. It is wise to compare air tickets Chiang Mai and choose the best deal. Plan your Chiang Mai vacation today.

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