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Oslo in Norway is nature’s own home and the best tourist destination to unwind yourself during your vacations away from home. In terms of area, Oslo is the world’s largest capital and its cityscape makes a perfect tourist spot owing to the lush green parks, protected forests, hills, its hundreds of lakes, and green open spaces. Other than its natural habitat, Oslo has been regularly ranked as one of the best cities in the world to live in and boasts of a rich cultural scene and is famous for its theatre, museums and galleries.

Best Time To Visit Oslo :

The best time to visit Oslo is between the months from May to August. During this period the temperature is on a rise and room rates in the city become surprisingly affordable, between a range of $150 and $200 a night, for travelers. These months are also the best time to experience mild temperature, which average in the mid-60 degrees Fahrenheit. However, the period can also become chillier as the days pass-by. So it is advisable to bring a coat along. Alike Stockholm, Oslo too can experience nearly 24 hours of daylight. The famous midnight sunlight in the city usually appears during the month of June or July. Contrary to that, Oslo also experiences winter days that are near to total darkness. This is matched with frigid weather and temperatures diving in to up to 10 degrees to 20degrees centigrade.

Reasons To Visit Oslo:

Some of the reasons to visit Oslo are as follows. Knowing these you will certainly book your flight to Oslo :

  • Grand Cafes :

    Grand Cafes

    Oslo is known for its thriving cafe culture. Pascal in Oslo has the best pastries in town, including crispy chocolate pancake snacks. For the sake of old-school grandeur, tourists can also try out the Theater Cafeen or the imposing Cafe Grosch. If you happen to prefer more historic dining, then you should try to enjoy a bite to eat at the Grand Café.

  • Modern Art :

    Modern Art

    For those of you who think that art belongs in a museum, Norwegians, prove it wrong. Norwegians’ love for all things outdoors reflects in their unusual number of sculpture parks. Frogner Park in Oslo is home to 212 granite and bronze statues by Gustav Vigeland, focused on the human form. Another appealing place in Oslo, to enjoy outdoor art is the new Ekeberg Park, which displays 31 works of art by some of the world's most famous artists, over 25 leafy hectares of land.

  • The beautiful Outdoors :

    beautiful Outdoors

    Norwegians love the smell of fresh air, and the half of the area of Oslo dedicated to green spaces there are plenty of places where you can inhale deeply without worrying about ingesting unhealthy fumes. Whether you are out boating on the Oslo fjord or hiking in the rolling hills that flank the town, there are lots of active options you can choose from the activities available in the city.

Flying To Johannesburg From Top US Cities :

If you are an adventurist, who likes to explore around then, Oslo, which is known for its undeniable beauty and sprawling lands is the place to visit. To live a life away from the fast lane of the United States, you must try out visiting this beautiful place. Many cities in the United States are connected by flight to Oslo and you can now obtain cheap air tickets to Oslo with ease through travel websites. If you book cheap Oslo flights, chances are also that you might win great deals and offers on hotel bookings in Oslo. Other than that you also have the chance to win cash back or heavy discount on return flights to the United States. When visiting Oslo, there are numerous ways to enjoy, without having to spend much when returning home. Just ensure you compare air tickets to Oslo to get the best airline ticket deals to Oslo.

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