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Paraparaumu is a town located in the south-western north island of New Zealand. It is considered to be one of the fast-growing urban towns in New Zealand. It has a number of tourist attractions that makes it popular and a must visit when planning the itinerary to New Zealand. The Paraparaumu beach is known for its scenic beauty and it is from here where one could reach the Kapiti island. Paraparaumu is a popular destination amongst many Americans mainly because of the mild and moderate climate throughout the year. It is said that this town has an oceanic type of climate which means that winters are moderate and summers are mild and not severe. So, all in all it could be said that this place has a pleasant weather throughout. Over a period of years, the number of American tourists has increased between 25-30%.

Best Time To Visit Paraparaumu :

Due to the pleasant climate all year round, people can visit Paraparaumu anytime of the year. However, since the town has such a variety of things to offer, it is recommended to visit the town during summers when the adventure sports and wildlife reserves can be enjoyed the most. At times during the off-peak season, some activities may be closed due to refurbishment works but even then, a considerable lot is still open to visitors. So there is never a dearth of things to see. Summer being the peak season to enjoy the best of everything, it would be advantageous to go then.

Reasons To Visit Paraparaumu:

Paraparaumu has so much to offer that the following reasons will compel you to book your tickets to Paraparaumu next time you plan a vacation :

  • Paraparaumu Beach :

    Paraparaumu Beach

    One of the most scenic places the town has to offer. The beach has a number of restaurants and cafes and there is also a kids’ playground for the little ones and a skating park for the older ones which makes it family friendly.

  • Kapiti 4x4 adventure:


    For someone who likes adventure sports, this is the place to be. Riding on a quad bike can be fun as well as adventurous. Before riding on it people are trained so that they feel confident when they ride on it. It is a great experience from the start to the finish.

  • Kapiti Island Nature Tours:

    Kapiti Island Nature

    The nature reserve is worth a visit. One can see dolphins when on the boat trip to Kapiti from Paraparaumu. The tour offers treks, walks through the clouds and so on which makes the whole experience enchanting. One can get to see different species of birds and animals.

  • Southward Car Museum:

    Southward Car Museum

    This museum has a number of cars with great history behind them. In fact, there is one level for cars and one level for bikes. A car enthusiast must go to this museum and the vintage vehicles would definitely be a treat for the eyes.

  • Tuatara Brewery:

    Tuatara Brewery

    after a day of sightseeing it would be a good idea to wind down with a drink or two at this famous brewery. It has a homely feel and provides great service. It has an excellent range of craft beer and also provides non-alcoholic drinks. They also offer beer tasting experiences, which is worth it.

Flying To Paraparaumu From Top US Cities :

The airport for Paraparaumu is the Kapiti Coast airport (earlier known as the Paraparaumu airport) or the Wellington Airport. It is not difficult to find cheap flights to Paraparaumu from the major US cities on various travel websites. All that one needs to do is log onto the internet and search online for flights to Paraparaumu from the city of origin, and a whole list of options will come up which will give you the choice to book cheap Paraparaumu flights. Some of the major airlines which provide service to this town are Air New Zealand, Singapore airlines, Emirates and Qantas. To get the best deals, it is advisable to compare air tickets Paraparaumu and book the best deal for your holiday

Check Paraparaumu Air Tickets From Your City :

  • New York to Paraparaumu Flights

  • San Francisco to Paraparaumu Flights

  • Chicago to Paraparaumu Flights

  • LA to Paraparaumu Flights

  • Boston to Paraparaumu Flights

  • Washington Dc to Paraparaumu Flights

  • San Jose to Paraparaumu Flights


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