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New Delhi

South Africa has three major cities that are highly popular among the tourists, and one of them is Durban. Apart from Cape Town and Johannesburg, this city is one of the major pillars of South African tourism. In 2015, the percentage of American tourists visiting Durban increased to almost 15 percent, which is really an impressive figure. There are numerous reasons that make Durban popular in the world as a holiday destination. The mesmerizing golden beaches and the excellent hospitality of this city never fail to impress the tourists. In addition, the world class shopping malls accompanied with vibrant are something that you should not miss out on. There is no dearth of hotels, resorts, and guest houses in Durban street market.

Best Time To Visit New Delhi :

The winter of New Delhi is considered quite a pleasant one, and for this reason, most of the tourists, both domestic and international prefer visiting this city from the month of October to March. It is the time when the seasonal flowers in New Delhi bloom perfectly. During the winter days, exploring the streets and gorging on the various spicy food items turn out to be more enjoying. The rush in the hotels during the month of December increases a lot, and for this reason, one should book rooms in advance.

Reasons To Visit New Delhi :

From the historical monuments to the local market of this city, there are numbers of things about New Delhi that work like a charm on the tourists. Some reasons to book your flight to New Delhi are as follows.

  • The Red Fort :

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    This palace is undoubtedly the iconic symbol of India. The Red Fort was constructed in 1648, and for many years, it served as the main hub of the Mughal Empire. For the American tourists, the Red Fort is a must check out tourist attraction.

  • Qutub Minar :

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    Another impressive ancient monument, this structure was built almost a thousand years ago. The design and height of this structure are the two main aspects that attract a lot of tourists.

  • Humayun’s Tomb:

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    Constructed in 1500s, this tomb is also known as the Red Taj Mahal owing to its similar design. The Persian details and the architectural innovations of this ancient structure can easily impress anyone.

  • Lotus Temple

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    This is an art of the modern engineering, and this temple looks amazingly beautiful during the night. The lotus flower based design of this temple in New Delhi is a perfect hot spot for the tourists.

Flying to New Delhi from top US cities :

As New Delhi is the capital city of India, hence it is expected that it is well connected with most of the top cities in the United States, such as New York, Boston, Washington DC, San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angles, etc. Visiting New Delhi from any of the major cities in the US is pretty convenient, because most of the airline companies are providing direct flights. Moreover, the availability of cheap flights to New Delhi has made things affordable as well. It is the desire of every single traveler to save money on the air tickets. In case you too want to save some money by grabbing the best deals then it is important to compare air tickets New Delhi on the various online portals. These days, the top travel companies in the online market offer various types of deals and discounts to their customers. Once you compare the fare, in-flight amenities, and other related features, it would get easier for you to book cheap New Delhi flights. .

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